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Sealing for vintage cars

Do you need a special sealing for your historic car or a classic motorcycle? For numerous years Merako has been a reliable supplier for workshops engaged in the renovation of historic cars and for historic car clubs in many countries throughout Europe. Our specialty is the special production of individual pieces as well as small batches.

In the first place we produce sealing of the cylinder heads from top-quality contemporary materials in various thicknesses. In addition we produce sealing in particular for:

  • inlet exhaust and collecting manifolds
  • carburettors
  • valve box covers
  • oil pans
  • compressors

According to the supplied sample, print or technical drawing we are ready to produce your sealing - a single piece or a small batch. We will be happy to help you select a suitable material as well as with regards to the meaningful optimization of the required sealing.

We are able to resolve almost any problem related to sealing thanks to a large share of manual work and high demands for dimension accuracy. We also connect a historical pattern with modern knowledge in the area of sealing technology. You can also use our advisory services; simply send us your pattern with the relevant requirements.